Meet the Team

Healthbreak’s professional wellness staff are passionate about living and modeling wellness. We value every opportunity to engage our members, causing healthy lifestyle breakthroughs through meaningful interactions. Our vision is to create thriving workplace cultures through inspired service and intuitive solutions. 

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Kathy Knudsen, MA
President + Founder

Superpower: Mentoring

Michelle M. Baade, BS
Vice President

Superpower: Optimism

Roxane Amend, MBA

Superpower: Tenacity

Vice President, Client Services

Superpower: Adaptability

Amber Benda, MA, ACSM EP-C 
Wellness Coordinator & Client Service Manager

Superpower: Positivity

Anji Antkowiak, MS, CWC, E-RYT
Senior Wellness Services Manager

Superpower: Vision

Nick Cox, MA
Wellness Coordinator

Superpower: Listening

Brian Foxhoven, MS
Ergonomic Specialist

Superpower: Problem-solving

Kim Nitchals, M.S., NASM-CPT, ACE-HC
Health Promotion Manager

Superpower: Enthusiasm

Dawn Obermiller, MA, ACSM EP-C
Program Manager

Superpower: Activation

Hannah Berning, BSPH
Wellness Support Specialist

Superpower: Connectedness

Jacci Smieja, BS
Client Service Manager

Superpower: Advocate

Kelsie Campbell, BS
Fitness Center Manager & Certified Health Coach

Superpower: Connection

Bunny Foxhoven, RDN CDCES
Program Manager, Coach/Business Development Lead

Superpower: Listening

Bridget Robinson, BS, BBA
Wellness Specialist and Marketing Consultant

Superpower: Optimism

Michelle Pohl, BS, CPT-ACSM
Fitness Specialist

Superpower: Grit

Mike Norwood, BS, CPT and ACFT - Grader
Fitness Specialist

Superpower: Empathy

Sara Parker, BSBA, FNTP
Client Service Associate, Digital Solutions & Production

Superpower: Compassion

Zach Shelton, BS, ACSM - CPT
Fitness Specialist

Superpower: Humor

Erika Mathews, BS, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI
Wellness Coordinator

Superpower: Intuition