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"It's a great honor to be among Colorado's 100 Titans, and an even greater honor to be one of twelve leaders inducted into The Titan Hall of Fame. Thank you!" 



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Kathy Knudsen, MA

President + Founder

Kathy Knudsen is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of innovation and business acumen that has led Healthbreak, Inc., to be a leading national provider of worksite wellness services and programs fo employers. An All-American and three-time Hall of Fame inductee for her achievements in woman’s collegiate volleyball, Kathy has translated her winning attitude, passion for health, and ability to lead people, into a legacy of success in her industry and community.

Her vision and innovative management style is the catalyst behind her thriving, woman-owned business. She has set herself apart amongst her peers by anticipating shifts in the expanding health and wellness industry, while implementing sustainable solutions that have allowed her business to compete and thrive.

As a Titan 100 Colorado Hall of Fame member, she is part of an elite class of entrepreneurs who have
distinguished themselves as outstanding business and community leaders who are making a difference every day.

A dynamic speaker and change agent, Kathy believes in the power of health and how it can transform
organizations and individuals. She views her platform as an opportunity and privilege that inspires leaders and their employees to achieve healthy lives and healthy cultures. Kathy earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Arts in Corporate Fitness Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Why do you love your chosen profession?

I believe in the power of health and how it can transform organizations and individuals. My profession provides me with the opportunity and the privilege to educate and inspire people, to reach and maintain their best health possible while helping businesses achieve healthy cultures. Having that opens so many more doors to life and prosperity.

What is your superpower?

Mentoring! I love to help people find and embrace their strengths, and support them in their personal and professional growth. Also, Building! I love to help abstract concepts, or dreams, come to life in both my professional and personal life, and in the lives of those with whom I work.