First-Class Corporate Fitness Centers

Improve your employees' health and your bottom line with a first-class corporate fitness center at the core of your wellbeing program. Healthbreak’s nationally-certified team coordinates all of your startup needs and supports program goals with turnkey fitness center management.

Turnkey Management + Design

For over 30 years, Healthbreak has helped organizations power up their wellness programs with corporate fitness centers – from small fitness rooms, on up to 10,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art training and spa facilities.

Down to the finest details, we help you implement best practices for corporate fitness centers, from planning your space, to choosing the best equipment and audio-visual options, to optimal signage. We ensure you have the screenings, operational procedures, and emergency protocols to be successful and limit your liability. Our experienced, highly-qualified team of Healthbreak fitness professionals is here to help you at every step.

Start-up Services

Fitness Center Management

Once your facility is up and running, leverage Healthbreak’s passion, expertise, and years of experience to manage your dream fitness center. Full-service fitness center management includes professional staffing, member support, and ongoing operations. We offer turnkey, wellbeing-program solutions, including: Fitness Assessments, Group Classes, Education, Nutrition Coaching and more.

Years of Experience
Facilities + Equipment Planning

Expert design of overall layout, electrical + A/V needs, equipment, lighting, flooring

Operations + Procedures

Establish best practices, set goals + evaluation measures for fitness facility + wellness programs

Emergency Protocols

Implement best practices for emergency response with specific protocols for your building + emergency equipment

User Screening

Reduce liability with best-practices membership applications and screening processes


Keep your members safe with cautionary signs, equipment use guidelines, rules + regulations

Forms + Documents

Nail down the finest details with membership materials, workout charts, equipment maintenance schedules + incident reports