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The myHB Wellness Platform is designed to level up your wellness program. You choose engaging programming, multiple configurations and program options; or choose a program packaged by our professionals to help your Wellness Program thrive!

Maximum Flexibility

When it comes to improving overall wellbeing, focusing on employees’ individual goals is key. We get to know employees, discover their goals, and design a personalized experience to help support them. By integrating and analyzing employee data from multiple sources, including eligibility files, health assessments, biometrics, interests, platform usage, and more — all while maintaining the highest data privacy, security and compliance standards. We meet employees where they are on their wellbeing journey, and inspire lifelong Breakthroughs in Wellness.

Leading, Mobile-first Engagement Tools

  • App Fitness Tracker
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Healthy Lifestyle Programs
  • Wellbeing Webinars
  • Fitness On-Demand
  • Coaching Programs
  • All Branded with Your Company Identity

Causing Breakthroughs, Every Day

Annual Organizational Health Programming

Check all the boxes for your Wellness Program for the Year. How would it feel to have your complete wellness program handed to you, then updated with fresh, new content every year?  Healthbreak’s perennial solution, hbWELL, offers an entire year of programming in one fell swoop—and builds the social and cultural foundations that are crucial for life-long vitality and organizational health.

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