Bridget Robinson, BS, BBA

Wellness Specialist and Marketing Consultant 

Bridget holds a dual degree in Health Promotion and Wellness as well as Marketing from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. She brings a well-rounded background to Healthbreak in the areas of health coaching, marketing, and wellness program facilitation. Bridget also holds a certification in CPR/AED emergency services.

Bridget moved to Boulder, Colorado in January of 2020 to pursue a wellness internship with Boulder Parks and Recreation. The internship proved to be an incredibly formative experience for her which guided her toward developing a passion for marketing in the field of wellness. She enjoys working in the wellness field because it offers the opportunity to witness a client improve their personal wellness journey. In her personal life, Bridget enjoys running, camping, snowboarding, playing with her dog Myles, and being in the beautiful outdoors. She is an avid rock climber and thrill-seeker.  

Why do you love your chosen profession?

I love being a part of the preventive aspect of wellness and proactively promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. I feel great fulfillment in my career when I know that I am positively impacting others’ well-being because of my profession.  

What is your superpower?

Optimism In my opinion, no matter how grim a situation might appear, there is always a positive lesson to be learned or skill to be adopted. Choosing to look at the brighter side of things has helped to form genuine relationships and grow in my professional career.