Erika Mathews, BS, ACSM-CPT, ACE-GFI

Wellness Coordinator

Erika holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is a certified ACSM Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and PN Nutrition Coach. Erika has been working in corporate wellness for over four years and has a passion for helping others develop sustainable habits to live a healthy lifestyle. Erika believes that mental well-being is as important as physical health and is an advocate for breaking the stigmas around mental illness and addiction. 

Erika is a fitness enthusiast who loves yoga, Pilates, weightlifting and spending time with her family hiking and camping. 

Why do you love your chosen profession?

In school I studied the science of human movement, but through corporate wellness I found a deeper passion for mental well-being. Helping others find the balance in their lives between work, family and their personal health and wellness is a passion. It is so rewarding to know that I have impacted someone’s life for the better!

What is your superpower?

Intuition.  I have the ability to read people and situations quickly, which has been an advantage in wellness coaching, interpersonal connections, and parenting. I believe that in order to help others, you first need to understand who they are and what they need.