Healthbreak Celebrates 25 Years Creating Wellness

Golden-based Healthbreak, Inc. is celebrating its 25th year in business. Launched on January 9, 1990 as a fitness center management company in Omaha, Nebraska, Healthbreak has since grown into a full-service worksite wellness management company with multiple employer clients in 43 states.

In honor of this landmark anniversary, Healthbreak is inviting its clients around the country to host “Take a Health Break” themed events throughout the year, where employees are encouraged to take a break for their health each day.

After a quarter century of excellence, owner and founder Kathy Knudsen says she thinks of her company as a “health empowerment company because we believe our dynamic wellness services lead to real empowerment, through individuals gaining health and vitality and clients seeing improved cultures, productivity, and reduced health care costs.”

Since its inception, Healthbreak has diversified its portfolio of services to include healthy lifestyle programs, health screenings, event coordination, and a medically based online portal that is fully customizable for each client. Healthbreak was one of the earliest adopters of online wellness technology, with its first portal offering rolling out in 2005. The first generation integrated laboratory testing, biometrics, coaching, and reporting. The present version, called Myhealthbreak, also includes device integration, a mobile application, incentive tracking, and administration of health contingent outcome-based programs.

According to Knudsen, Healthbreak’s highly trained professionals are key to its success. The team includes specialists in every aspect of health and fitness, including behavioral health, nutrition, public health, exercise science, health coaching, and ergonomics. “Everyone on our team is passionate about helping people take real steps toward living healthier, more energized lives,” stated Knudsen. “And with more than 150 million Americans going to work every day, we believe the worksite is the ideal place to promote wellness practices and thinking,” she added.

Dan Trombla, Facilities Manager for Healthbreak client Gavilon Inc. in Omaha, began working with Healthbreak in 2013 to create a fitness center with health and wellness programs for his 400-person worksite. About the partnership, Trombla stated “they are really knowledgeable about this stuff. They know the equipment. They know about promoting, organizing events, and getting people in the door and engaged in the program. And they are as enthusiastic as could possibly be.”

Healthbreak continues to grow its market share by working with health insurance brokers and employers around the country to create and provide tailored service packages for every worksite.