Healthbreak Results

Is your wellness program reaching a significant number of participants? Are those participants getting engaged and improving their health? Are health improvements translating into improved productivity and cost containment?

These are questions we answer for our clients. Healthbreak’s programs and services help employers across the country build healthy cultures that drive results. Just a few highlights from the employers we serve include:

  • 91% of participants enrolled in our Lose It. Live It! program lost weight.
  • 5-year cohort participants at a large employer demonstrated a 14% improvement in overall wellness scores and improvements in all lipid values.
  • 45% of SHIFT program participants improved their clinical health over the 13-week period.
  • An analysis of claims demonstrated that employees who were engaged in this employer’s wellness program had lower costs, lower claim risk score, lower ER utilization, lower physician utilization and made better health care decisions.
  • Aggregate data from two employers demonstrated that 36% of participants eat out less as a result of participating in our Basic Bites program.
  • One metro area wellness portal client experienced an increase in enrollment from 35% of employees to 59% in just one year after changing their health risk management strategy to offer health insurance premium reductions for Wellness Program enrollment.
  • 67% of participants achieved a good Health Score or improved by 5 points through our health contingent program.