Ruby Pressl, MS, ACSM EP-C

Fitness Specialist

Ruby earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through American College of Sports Medicine and has a certification in Battle Ropes. With over 5 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Ruby enjoys helping to improve the quality of life for others by working to prevent injury and promote longevity movements, all while encouraging individuals to keep bettering themselves.

Why do you love your chosen profession?

Helping people to do the things they love and enjoy is why I chose this profession. I view a healthy lifestyle and fitness level allows one to keep involved in doing those activities that they are passionate about such as hiking mountains and climbing rock faces.  I want people to know they can keep up their health goals and passions as they age.

What is your superpower?

Adaptability. I tend to live in the moment and see the future as a place I can create through the choices I make in the present.  I strive to keep building myself to be a better person but expect that things will not always go according to plan, and that’s okay! I try to help people to feel like they can live in the moment while also heading in the direction of their goals and not adapting to any detours that can occur along the way.