Marcy Gilbert, BS, BA

Office Administrator

As Healthbreak’s Office Administrator, Marcy Gilbert operates as the nerve center for the team. Marcy brings over 15 years of valuable organizational experience in the healthcare industry, as well as, holds dual degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver. Her career path has included key roles at Colorado based healthcare organization’s including UCHealth, University of Colorado, Saint Anthony’s Hospital, Denver Health and Rose Hospital. Marcy’s primary responsibility at Healthbreak is to lead and manage the internal operations to help fulfill Healthbreak’s mission, this includes managing bookkeeping, human resources, and providing executive support.

Her passion is caring for people and encouraging overall wellness which makes her a perfect fit at Healthbreak.

Marcy is married, is a Colorado native and has two fur-babies that keep her active and on the go. She enjoys working with animals, painting, crafts, movies and is a bit of a foodie.

Why do you love your chosen profession?

I love problem solving and helping others do their best. I strive to help people achieve their full potential and reach for new heights.

What is your superpower?

Observation. I am able to take a step back from the details and keep focus on the big picture. I endeavor to learn from others and bring to light new opportunities and process improvements.