Healthbreak Announces Enhanced Clinical and Coaching Program

Golden, CO – March 15, 2016, Healthbreak, Inc. is pleased to announce that their technology partner, Omaha based SimplyWell, LLC, has released an enhanced coaching platform and service that supports members’ health goals. As a leader in the worksite wellness space, Healthbreak continues to bring innovative solutions and expertise to their clients who use their services. Healthbreak is an authorized distributor of the SimplyWell online portal and services and is offering the enhanced services to existing and new customers.

Kathy Knudsen, President and Founder of Healthbreak stated that, “We are dedicated to helping support and empower every individual we work with to strive for optimal health. This coaching enhancement provides more opportunities for participant engagement and health outcomes, while placing a number of plan customization choices in the hands of the employer. Greater health outcomes means greater overall program success for each organization we serve.”

The enhanced services includes a move from an external call center to an in-house team of health coaches who are registered nurses licensed in all 50 states and trained and certified through the National Society of Health Coaches.

The personalized Health Coaching services include:

  • Self-scheduling – allows Members to schedule coaching calls for the times and days that work for them.
  • Electronic journaling – more than just recording successes and challenges, Members may also receive feedback from their health coach.
  • SMART goal setting – provides support to set achievable goals with guidance from the health coach.
  • Recommended resources – helps Members discover meaningful resources and tools based on current health and goals.

The member interface highlights engaging tools with the goal of tailoring a successful experience for each member.

About Healthbreak, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Healthbreak is a leading national provider of worksite wellness services and programs. Our goal is to help employees embrace and sustain healthy lifestyles and employers reduce health care expenses and create more empowering and productive cultures. For 25 years, Healthbreak has been creating worksite wellness solutions tailored for employers all sizes, both private and public.

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Media Contact: Michelle Baade,