Wellness Portal

Our Solutions


Our topnotch medically-based wellness management portal can be customized for your culture and your needs. It’s visually appealing, easy-to-access and use, smartphone and device compatible, and even has bilingual capability. Your employees can access their personal health records and individual action plans. They can track their progress and see their rewards.

Your company will benefit from our portal technology as much as your employees. Our technology allows you to track population data and outcomes, manage incentives, assess risks, analyze program benefits, and generate reports on-demand.

The MyHealthbreak wellness management portal can give participants access to:

  • User-friendly enrollment system
  • English or Spanish language options
  • Mobile version, available on Iphone and Android smartphone devices
  • Health screening scheduling tool
  • Comprehensive health questionnaire
  • Electronic health record
  • Customizable wellness events
  • Individualized wellness action plans
  • Daily health news and monthly e-newsletter
  • Resources including healthy living, recipes, and health & disease management guides
  • Education modules customized by category or risk factors
  • Self-tracking of risk and health maintenance

Engagement Tools

  • Integrated wellness challenge programs
  • Apps Marketplace for integration of devices with wellness portal
  • Message center custom emails

Participation & Outcomes Tracking

  • Online tracking of points, activities and rewards
  • My Health Score administration
  • My Health Factors administration (Point or Pass/Fail Criteria)