Michelle M. Baade, BS

Business Development Consultant

Michelle leads business development and creative services at Healthbreak, Inc. She began her career in wellness in 1992 with Johnson and Johnson Advanced Behavior Technologies and since then has been an instrumental part of several leadership and executive teams in wellness and insurance. Most recently, Michelle led the business development team at a leading population health management company. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in Human Performance from the University of Nebraska in 1991. Outside of work, Michelle continues to cultivate her passion for photography and love of nature.

Why do you love your chosen profession? I believe that the opportunity to transform cultures is a wonderful way to make a contribution on a professional level. The value of health to our society today is immeasurable, which makes this field and working alongside so many other health professionals so rewarding. It is inspiring to be a part of an industry that creates innovative solutions to support optimal health for individuals and organizations.

What is your superpower? Optimism. I believe that individuals and organizations have the capacity to create their destiny. My optimistic perspective allows me to provide a different perspective when solving problems or looking for new opportunities.