Elizabeth Van Emmerik, BS, JGSI HF

Account Manager

Elizabeth is a wellness advocate who inspires others to make healthy, sustainable changes. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Health with an emphasis in Psychology and she is a certified wellness coach, wellness speaker, yoga teacher, spinning instructor, and Wellcoaches member. She is also actively involved with LiveWell Longmont, a coalition striving to positively impact community health and enable community members to engage in healthier lifestyles, and make Longmont, Colorado, the healthiest city in the healthiest state.

Elizabeth began to focus specifically on worksite wellness in 2003, while steering a grant-funded wellness coaching and health education program for Wyoming coal miners. She joined the Healthbreak team in 2009, bringing her wealth of skills in wellness promotion and program design and establishing herself as a key contributor to our success.

Elizabeth welcomes her clients with grace, motivates them with her knowledge and dedication, and creates balanced spaces for positive change to happen.

Why do you love your chosen profession? I love that it supports the lifestyle I want to live.

What is your superpower? Balance. I love to create equality, harmony, and balance in every situation I encounter. I strive to initiate new concepts by balancing and mixing ideas and to turn opposing forces into perfect harmony.